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  1. Nandita pathak

    Looking for an appointment for the astrology and ayurveda combined remedy for long term diseases. How do I proceed? This is for my husband. Thanks!

  2. Hi Sir, I am not on facebook or Instagram or any other social network. Need your assistance as after my marriage I have seen significant change in my financial status. Despite having numerous opportunities I am still struggling to sustain. Always cash crunch. Please help me. My DOB is 29th Jan 1982. Birth time 6:15 AM. My mother use to guide me before but I lost her before I got married. Please guide me.

    Email. Prash.khanna@gmail.com


  3. Hi, I am Samiran Das. Birth place Kolkata Dob 2nd September 1989. Time 6.30PM. The local astrologer suggested me to wear three gemstones. And many times before due to my mother I had to visit several astrologers and they recommended for different gemstones. Would please confirm why i need any gemstone to wear and what should be that gemstone? Please help, I am getting confused and relaizing that i have become fatalistically stupid with the matter of gemstone selection.

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