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about Yogtantra


We have combined the Power of two ancient tools (Ayurveda with Astrology) to provide complete solution for your illness. Our dedicated team of doctors and astrologers work together to create unique treatment plans that address the unique needs of each individual.

When you book an appointment with us, you will have the opportunity to share your medical reports and case history, along with your birth details. Our team of experts carefully consider every aspect of your situation and determine the most effective course of action for you.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care and support to our patients, and we are confident that our combination of traditional Ayurvedic principles and astrological insights will help you on your journey towards better health and wellness.

Benefits of Ayurveda and Astrology

Combining Ayurved and Jyotish…

To start this project we went through a series of experiences to find out which works best when it comes to giving relief to people when they are suffering from chronic troubles and this included meeting with several doctors, experts in field from allopathy, Homeopath, Ayurveda and after looking at several of results and experiences of patients we have come up with a unique three stage treatment process which works in synchronicity to help the patients.
At the time of booking, Patient will upload their medical reports and case history along with birth details, In morning team of Doctor, Astrologer and Healer will sit down together to discuss every case and what should be line of treatment for the native and which remedies 

will help native as each case is as unique as their birth charts. Such as which particular process of Panchkarma will help natives get free from pain. When we align all three factors, we have seen as practical case studies in the Lunar Astro group that relief comes to natives. We are looking to serve you with help of Ayurveda, Astrology, and Akashik records healing.

Our Mission

Legacy of Late Hakim Shree Amarnath

My grandfather had a degree of Doctor in Unani medicine and after partition he was serving in Chandni chowk which was refugee camp after partition, During his travel to a religious place, he came across a small town of Bulandshahr, where due to epidemic kids were losing life, He cancelled the plan of travelling further and decided to set up a temporary clinic to help, his hard work and dedication saved several life’s in that town and finally he got settled in Bulandshar for whole of its life. It was his wisdom and teachings to think big enough for everyone that I am able to start something and walk on a path shown by him as while growing up, As he never returned anyone if anyone is unable to pay and saw that people coming back later on with lots of blessings and smile.

He was in physically fit state and giving consultation and medicines till the age of 96 until he leave his mortal body in January 2003 and after 1 year of passing – people use to visit with some fruits or eatables from village saying- that we were unable to pay at that point and Vaid ji asked us to bring this fruit or dish and I realised that even when he is gone, people still remember him for the kind of legacy he has left behind. My father was in my office and enquired about that if you can give your office space for one doctor to provide free medical treatment for at least one day see if your budget allows it and I never gave second thought about it is the matter of emotion for me to give back to society to carry forward the Legacy of my grandfather.


Course on Fundamentals of Ayurveda

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what is the approach of Lunar Astro and how we can help you, As we have combined the two great science of Hinduism- Jyotish and Ayurved as when medicines are combined with muhurta and planetary placements the effect of healing increases several manifolds.

Let me give you an example-In case of Autism the treatment should be started on Pushya Nakshatra in general but also we can see it has to be Pratipada, Panchami, or Ekadasi tithi which are helpful for healing and how we can choose according to our patient.

Such as if the main issue is caused due to attention deficit then we will start our treatment on Pratipada tithi and also increase the food related to Pitt content in the body but if the problem is related to the understanding of concepts in the child, we will start in Panchami tithi and if we see nerves related issue to cure we will focus on Ekadasi tithi.

Introduction to Ayurveda

Basic Concept of ayurveda

What should be your daily routine (Dincharya & ritucharya)

Easy ayurvedic home remedies & cooking recipies

(how to detox your body & mind)

Know about your prakriti (Constitution)

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