Consult with Lunar Astro!

Lunar Astro provides consultation with the most authentic and trusted astrologers throughout the world. Astrologers in Lunar Astro are selected after several assessments and training, to read your astrological chart under the guidance of Deepanshu Giri. Lunar Astro’s ultimate goal is to provide atmost satisfaction over queries. You will experience accurate and insightful astrology readings tailored to your unique needs with our exceptional astrology consultation services, led by a team of highly skilled and trusted astrologers.


To book an appointment with us, you need to fill a detailed consultation for with you details and concerns. We research on your charts a day earlier to your consultation with Deepanshu Giri Ji. Although Deepanshu Ji do not take consultation but he use to scan every charts for few minutes and assigned the particular chart to the best astrologer for the case and guide them if required. The concern astrologer studies your chart at least 2-3 hours before your consultation.

The Trust of Lunar Astro

At Lunar Astro, while you are talking to an astrologer there will be always security that whoever astrologer would be on the other side, if you are not satisfied with the astrologer, our team will be there to coordinate with you with reconsultation or with other possibilities or we will refund your payment fully/partially as per our terms and conditions. We are the only consultation platform that guarantees you such. Not a single talk to astrologer website take responsibility for the astrologer they have appointed. Your trust in us is our only motivation for the work.

We observe and home work your chart before the consultation

We work on an appointment system unlike instant consultation services provider, where we ask your birth details at least a day before you start consulting to astrologers so that the concerned astrologer makes prior work on your chart, it improve the consulation quality and saves your time during the consultation hour. 

Deepanshu Giri ji and other senior astrologer are in advisory panel to guide the panel. Such dedication in one chart reading make you feel the experience of true astrology.

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Important Note

You must fill the Detailed Consulation Form so that we can make the prior home work on your chart before your reading.


Subscriptions or membership plans to talk astrologers

We are going to start subscription plans to talk with Lunar Astro astrologers. These plans would be an annual subscription-based plan, where you can take a certain no. of consultations with no barriers with whom you want to take consultation. Further details about this plan would be revealed soon.

Dedicated Team

Our team is dedicated to help you even out of the box. Our dedicated in consulation makes us unique from others.

We arrange a proper meeting with zoom call facilities to build a trust

Just like another talk to astrologers’ websites, we do not work like you dial a no. and tell your details to astrologers and start chatting or talking with them on a certain per-minute call rate. We work like proper and complete consultation services.

Providing recording of consultation

Lunar Astro is only platform where consultation recording will be provided to the person taking consultation. You have to just send a recording request after your Consultation via email on the same email id, from which you have received the meeting link (You have to send Recording Request within 15 days of Consultation). After your request the recording will be sent to you within 2 working days. 

After consultation service

Again like another consultation platform, we do not just shut our door after your consultation. Our talk to astrologer service work till your ultimate satisfaction and till your purpose of consultation sorted.

Glimpse of Lunar Astro Consultation