Terms & Privacy Policy

Please read the following terms and conditions before purchasing any product or book any appointment with Lunar Astro…

  • Your personal information remains confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. Phone numbers and account passwords are encrypted using secure hash technology to ensure privacy and security.
  • Astro-Vastu consultations are non-refundable once a course is purchased or a consultation is booked. Refunds, if applicable, will be determined solely by the Lunar Astro Committee.
  • Refunds will not be issued in cases where a consultation is successful or the full-time allocated for the service is utilized.
  • In the event of an eligible refund, it may take up to one month for the amount to be deposited into the respective bank account.
  • If your payment is deducted, but you have not received the order, a 100% refund will be provided for any type of order.
  • If you have joined the consultation and left due to any reason, or you want to cancel the appointment before the consultation date, there will be a 50% of deduction.
  • Paperback Books are to be delivered in India only.
  • If you order any paperback book at foreign address, you will get an e-book instead and there will be no refund. [You need to email us to get the e-book]
  • Any refund requests must be made within three days of the order or booking. After this period, refund requests will not be accepted.
  • Lunar Astro Vedic Academy reserves all other refund rights, and the refund process will take a minimum of 30 days from the request or approval date, subject to approval by the Lunar Astro team.
  • Browser Support Summary to play video lectures: (Limitations are due to DRM solution compatibility with browsers and updates to ensure the highest security)
  • Desktop/Laptop(Windows, Mac, Linux): Updated Chrome & Firefox on desktop most recommended browsers on Desktop. OS should also be updated to best possible versions. If a message shows on player to upgrade browser/OS, please first update Chrome/Firefox.
    If your account has integrated Fairplay DRM, Safari on Desktop can also play well. Default, it is not supported.
  • Latest Updated Edge on Windows 10 , Windows 8 is also now supported, users must update their Edge (83 and higher) to try it. Older versions are not supported.
  • Android (Phone/Tablet): In latest updated chrome (Supported only for Android OS>5). If it does not play in chrome (it can happen due to DRM compatibility issue in 1% cases) , then please try playing in any of the 2 other popular browsers which can support Widevine HTML playback on android
    – latest updated ‘Firefox’ or updated ‘Edge’ browsers..So in summary, Chrome is default most recommended browser in Android, but 1 % of android chrome can have issues. Such users should try in latest updated ‘Firefox’ or updated ‘Edge’ browser on Android.